How to create a ColorMunki ruler

How to create a ColorMunki ruler

The purpose of this tutorial is to create a rule to allow you to measure patterns with patches 1 cm wide for the ArgyllCMS or Coloris application.
Initially, the Colormunki Photo is delivered without rule, because as you already know, the software delivered as standard, measures two times 50 large patches that do not require a guide for the measurement.
Coloris and this rule turns your Colormunki Photo into a higher-end calibration solution!


The disadvantages of the XRite software provided as standard with the Colormunki Photo are:

  1. You can not customize the number of patches to print.
  2. You can not choose the number of grayscale to optimize grayscale images.
  3. You can not print the charter in one go
  4. We have to go through the driver to print the patterns.
  5. You can not generate the  patterns in Tiff format to print them from software such as Photoshop, RIPs or Dinax Mirage for example.
  6. Etc …
Colormunki Photo ruler once finished



Make the rule

1 – You have to download the drawing of the Colormunki rule in  Adobe illustrator format or in pdf format (with the cut contour)

Preview of the ruler


2) Then print it on a cardboard, plastic or other material. (Here the rule was printed in sublimation on a Chromaluxe plate)


3) Then cut it according to the orange lines. (The orange lines are defined as an accompanying cut-contour color to be compatible with the cutting machines).

Cutting of rulers (Chromaluxe / Aluminium)

4) Glue a wooden cleat aligned with the printed pattern on the ruler, to guide the colormunki.



5) Check that the sensor of the Colormunki matches the slot of the ruler when you slide it along the wooden cleat.


And you’re done !

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