How Illum Reader is working

Illum Reader is a function to analyse the light.

The purpose is to check the quality of your light into a viewing booths  or in yours viewing conditions.

This function can be usefull to check uniformity , the color temperature and the light into a booth.


This function need a spectrophotometer to work (XRite Eye One Pro 1/2, XRite ColorMunki Photo or an XRite I1 Studio)

How to use Illum Reader

Into the main windows of Coraye, click on the Illuminant pictogram (the third icon on the upper left).


The illum Reader window will appear.

To measure a light for the first time with a spectrophotometer, check if your spectrophotometer is connected (check it on the upper right corner)

Put the spectrophotometer into the calibration position

Eye One Pro 2

Then click on the « Start calibration » button.

When the calibration is done, a « Mesure » button will appear

Before the measure don’t forget to change the illuminant name.

Then click on the « Measure » button.

Be aware, you have to use the cap to read the light with the I1 Pro 1&2 et you have to use a specific position on the ColorMunki Photo.

Now you can use your spectrophotometter to measure the light.

To get the light you just need to take the measure directly with the spectrophotometer.

When the measure is done, the file will appear into the left column.

When we read a light, we can get information like CCT, CRI, Daylight Temp, Ambient, Delta E et Lab.

The measure can be export as a .sp file, to be save on your hard drive.

To save you measure, click right on the .sp file into the left bar.

As you see, you can also Rename, Duplicate or Delete the file when you click left on it.

If you need to display the spectral curve of your measured light, you can use the Spectral Viewer.



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