Illum Reader is a function to analyse the light.

The purpose is to check the quality of your light into a viewing booths  or in yours viewing conditions.

This function can be usefull to check uniformity , the color temperature and the light into a booth.


This function need a spectrophotometer to work (XRite Eye One Pro 1/2 or a XRite ColorMunki Photo)

How to use Illum Reader

Into the main windows of Coloris, click on the bulb pictogram (the second icon on the upper left).

The illum Reader window will appear.

To measure a light with a spectrophotometer, click on the « READ ILLUMINANT » button.

If Coloris doesn’t see your spectrophotometer, go to the « How to install your spectrophotometer on Windows to work with Coloris or ArgyllCMS » tutorial.

Coloris will ask to you to put your spectrophotometer in the calibration position.

Then you can use your spectrophotometter to measure the light.

Be aware, you have to use the cap to read the light with the I1 Pro 1&2 et you have to use a specific position on the ColorMunki Photo.


To get the light you just need to take the measure from the spectrophotometer.

Don’t forget to change the illuminant name before each measure.

The measure can be save as a .sp file, to be use into the Spectral Viewer fonction to display the spectral curves.

To save you measure, click right on the .sp file into the lower left bar.

When we read a light, we can get information like CCT, CRI, Daylight Temp, Ambient, Delta E et Lab.

If you need to display the spectral curve of your measured light, you can use the Spectral Viewer.