Spectral Viewer is a function to display and compare light spectral curves, reflectance curves and eyes sensibility curves between them.

The purpose of this option is to analyse viewing conditions to understand why we can have problems to see the right color and to understand the metamerism.

1) How to use Spectral Viewer

Into the main windows of Coloris, click on the first icon on the lower right…

… and the Spectral Viewer window will open.

2) Now you can add files created with Illum Reader (.sp) or Spot Reader (.spc)

3) You can also add Eyes sensibility curves to compare with spectral light curves. (Obs1964_Red, Obs1964_Green, Obs1964_Blue .sp)

4) .sp selected files will appear into the left lower corner.

5) To display curves into the window, just drag and drop them from the bottom bar into the window.

6) Now, to access to the option you can push up the bar.

7) You can simulate light intensity with the cursor.

In this example, now it’s more easy to compare the eyes sensibility with the spectral curve of a fluo lamp.

8) You can Show, Hide or Delete files by a simple click right.

You can also Show or Hide curves on the window by clicking on the Eye button.

9) It’s also usefull to compare a reflectance curve (Color) with a spectral curves (Light) to show metamerism risk.

For example I mesured with Spot Reader the PANTONE Yellow 106 C and I’m going to display it to compare with a curve from a fluo lamp.


This tutorial is finish, now you can fully use this Spectral Viewer function.

Have fun