Spot Reader is a function to read colors on a media or a material.
This function need a spectrophotometer to work (XRite Eye One Pro 1 / 2 or a XRite ColorMunki Photo).
be aware that these spectrophotometers can’t read glossy material like glass or metal.

When we read a color, we can get Lab, RGB (sRGB) and hexa values, but also you can record a color sample (.spc file) to display the reflectance curve of this color or to use it with others functions like Color Finder or Delta E Finder.

1) How to launch Spot Reader

Into the main windows of Coloris, click on the paint bucket (the third icon on the upper left).

2) Click on the « READ COLOR » button.

A windows will appear to ask to you to put the spectrophotometer into the calibration position, then click on OK.

Don’t touch the spectrophotometer during the calibration until a new windows will appear to invit you to use the spectrophotometer.

If Coloris doesn’t recognize the spectrophotometer check if your Spectrophotometer is correctly installed. See the procedure here.

3) Now you can give a name to your color.

4) Read the color with the spectrophotometer, the your color will appear into le left lower corner.


5) Click on the right grey arrow to go to the next windows to display Lab, RGB (sRGB), Hexa values and a color preview.

6) If you need a measure others colors, click on the left grey arrow to go to the previous windows, rename the color and read your color with the spectrophotometer.

You don’t need to recalibrate your spectrophotometer before each measure.

7) When your reading are finished, click on the « STOP MEASURES » button.

If you click right on the color in the botton of the windows, you can save the color as a .spc file, you can also delete it.

Now you can use these colors with the others Coloris function : Color Finder and Delta E Finder.